A Special Exercise Programme
for People in Cancer Recovery
Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre exterior image

CU Fitter physical activity programme offered at Olive Tree.

The Trustees of the Olive Tree have agreed that our CU Fitter physical activity programme will be offered at their Centre starting from the 5th May 2016. To promote this, we are holding an open morning at the Olive Tree on Thursday 21st April for cancer patients who are unsure as to whether the programme is right for them.

The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre is an independent charity providing a range of support to cancer patients, their carers and families. Formerly known as the cancer self-help group Crawley Cancer Contact, the group was co-founded in 1990 by Heather Goodare and others and was granted charitable status in 1992. The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre opened in its present location in the grounds of Crawley Hospital in July 2009.

Cancer United has always had the full support of the Olive Tree and in particular from their lovely Manager, Marilyn Drury who has embraced the opportunity of starting to work with Cancer United.

We look forward to extending the CU Fitter offering at The Olive Tree and to the continuing success of this joint venture.

Learn more about the Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre.

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