A Special Exercise Programme
for People in Cancer Recovery
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Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology’s effectiveness is found in its ability to encourage the individual’s natural healing processes to help maintain the health and balance of the whole body.

Sharing the same principles as Foot Reflexology, Face Reflexology works to identify the root cause through your current symptoms and then treats it with a proper plan. Using hands and fingers, facial muscles and nerve endings are stimulated and re-invigorated, opening up the energy channels throughout the body.

Through firm touch and muscle manipulation to the face, Face Reflex techniques restore the energy, sending balance to blocked areas that it needs the most. Facial stimulation is powerful because it has the shortest pathways for the nerve cells connect to the brain stem and it releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins ensure your mind is in a stable happy place. Face Reflexology works to send a message to the central nervous system to direct the energy to specific organs and glands to regulate your blood, hormones, and most importantly, boost your immune system.