A Special Exercise Programme
for People in Cancer Recovery

Jan Sheward

Founder of Cancer United

Jan Sheward - United Against Cancer

Operating a successful business for over 25 years gave Jan a great deal of knowledge, skill and expertise which she now uses to run the charity. She is also a Personal Coach and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

Although seemingly very fit, in 2008 Jan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says:

“Discovering you have cancer is a major change to your way of life and it’s a hell of a challenge. It’s an experience you don’t expect and is undeniably traumatising. What I discovered though, was the challenge of such a massive life change need not necessarily be frightening or insurmountable – it can actually be the catalyst to improve your life and make the changes you have desired for so long.  Great coaching support enabled me to make life changing decisions and embark on a new path. For me fitness is so important and I know that physical exercise can improve health and prevent cancer recurrence.”