A Special Exercise Programme
for People in Cancer Recovery
The CU Fitter Exercise Programme
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Personalised Training

The CU Fitter, personalised, one-to-one exercise programme is suitable for anyone who is in recovery from cancer, over 18 years of age and, does not suffer from any of the conditions highlighted in the Terms & Conditions of Referral. The exercise programme will help you overcome the effects of cancer treatment, improve your health and wellbeing, and put you on a pathway to become more motivated, confident and independent. Our fully-qualified Level 4 personal trainers who have undergone extensive advanced training in cancer rehabilitation, are running the CU Fitter programme. They will personally supervise you over the 12-week period of the programme, gradually helping you to take control and understand your body and, its needs. Helping you to develop, understand and harness all the skills you need to stay active, happy and lead a more physically active lifestyle.

Why is exercise important for cancer suffers?

Importantly, for cancer sufferers, exercise can boost energy after treatment and help to reduce side effects of treatment. It can also be beneficial for those with long-term illnesses such as lymph oedema, anxiety, depression and impaired mobility, as well as aiding the recovery of physical function, managing fatigue, improving quality of life and mental health, and controlling body weight.

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